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Workshop Dates Announced!


I am a HUGE believer in sharing and helping others to succeed.  That is why I love to teach and mentor others.  I have been teaching a beginner’s photography class for the last 5 years.  And… I absolutely LOVE IT!  In previous years, I have spread the class over a 4 week span.  But, hey… I realize that life is just getting more and more busy.  So, I am condensing the class into a half day course.  I hope this will make it easier for people to attend.  This would be an amazing Christmas gift for someone who loves photography!  (Yes, I even give gift cards for this.  You can have something to wrap up!)

What the “Intro to Photography” Class covers:  Have you ever wondered how to get those portraits with the really blurry, creamy backgrounds?  Or, how to freeze an action shot of one of your kids playing sports?  You can control your pictures by shooting in manual mode.  Get off
automatic!  That’s boring!  Come learn how to bring your images to life.  Whether you’re interested in possibly starting a business or just want to take better pictures of your kids or grandkids, this course is the perfect beginning class for anyone who owns a D-SLR camera.  We will cover everything from aperture, shutter speed, ISO, composition and much, much more.  The cost of this class is $150.00.  Deadline to sign up: December 30th, 2015

Beyond the intro class, I also offer Mentoring.  This is for the person who currently has a photography business or is wanting to start a photography business. This is where we meet up and I am an open book.  We will schedule a block of time that works for you. Before our mentoring session, I will send you a survey.  I want to know what kind of things you’re interested in learning.  Whether it’s shooting, editing or how to run a business, I am there to help mentor and guide you along.  This can be done via internet or in person.  If you are interested in this option, please shoot me an email for more information and for any questions you may have.  I only do mentoring in January, February and March.  Limited spots available.

I’m super excited to be teaching again!  I absolutely love it.  Looking forward to another group of amazing photography friends!